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Custom Political Emery Boards

Notice: Heritage Advertising reorganized in December 2020,
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We've added new designs. These custom political emery boards are 4-5/8" x 1/2". The imprint area on each emery board is 2-1/2" wide by 3/8" high. You can print up to 3 lines of text; however, 2 lines are recommended. Blue is only imprint color for your political message available with these Republican, Democrat and Flag designs.

We also offer patriotic emery boards in a red, white and blue design and stars and stripes design. Click here to see our personalized patriotic emery board.

Shipping and handling is free (ground shipping within the USA)!

Political Designs for Emery Boards

For current information and pricing, please check our new website, Political Campaign Emory Boards

A customized emery board may be referred to as a finger nail file board, works as a great substitute for a custom made business card. A customized political emery board with your political message can be a great asset to your political campaign and leave a lasting impression on voters.

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